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RAM Random access memory. The type of memory in which each storage location is by X/Y coordinates, as in core or semiconductor memory.

rectifier A device that conducts current in only one direction, thereby transforming alternating current to direct current.

register A memory word or area for temporary storage of data used within arithmetical, logical, or transferal functions.

resolution The smallest distinguishable increment into which a quantity can be divided.

resolver A transducer using magnetic coupling to measure absolute rotary position. The resolver creates a fixed sine wave and one or more variable sine waves that are compared to create a position within 360 rotary degrees. It requires an analog signal interface and special conditioning electronics.

ring topology A network where signals are transmitted from one station and relayed through each subsequent station in the network.

rms Root-mean-square. The effective value of an alternating current corresponding to the dc value that produces the same heating effect. The rms value is computed as the square root of the average of the squares of the instantaneous amplitude for one complete cycle. For a sine wave the rms value is 0.707 times the peak value.

ROM Read-only memory. A type of memory with data content that cannot be changed in normal mode of operation. In use, bits and words are read on demand but not changed.

RS232-C An EIA standard that specifies electrical, mechanical, and functional characteristics for serial binary communications circuits in a point-to-point link.

RS422 An EIA standard that specifies electrical characteristics of balanced voltage digital interface circuits in a point-to-point link.

RTD Resistance temperature detector. A wire-wound resistance with a moderate positive coefficient of resistance.

RTS Request to send. A request from the module to the modem to prepare to transmit. It typically turns on the data carrier.

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