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tachometer A precision dc generator used to provide velocity feedback.

TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. A transport-layer protocol and a network layer protocol developed by the Department of Defense.

thumbwheel switch A multiposition rotary switch with a sprocket that is stepped forward or backward by using a finger or thumb to rotate it. The face of the switch displays numbers 0-9.

toggle To switch alternately between two possible selections.

topology The way a network is physically structured. Example: a ring, bus, or star configuration.

torque A turning force applied to a shaft, tending to cause rotation. Torque is equal to the force applied, times the radius through which it acts.

transmitter (XMTR) A device that sends data.

triac A solid-state bidirectional latching switch that provides full-wave control of ac power. The terminals of a triac are Anode 1, Anode 2, and Gate.

true A signal that is high or on and is assigned the value of 1.

truth table A matrix that describes a logic function by listing all possible combinations of inputs, and by indicating the outputs for each combination.

TTL Transistor-transistor logic. An integrated circuit with its inputs and outputs directly tied to transistors.

twin-axial cable A transmission line made up of a twisted pair of insulated conductors centered inside and insolated from a conductive shield.

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