Developing a Wiring Diagram (Circuit #3)

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  • Develop a wiring diagram for circuit #3 using the schematic.
  • Connect this circuit.

Ill. 1 shows the same schematic as Ill. 1, except that Ill. 1 has been labeled with numbers.

Ill. 2 shows the components of the wiring diagram labeled with numbers that correspond to the numbered components shown in the schematic. Ill. 3 shows the wiring diagram with connected wires.

The same method has been used to number the circuits in the last few sections. Although most control schematics are numbered to aid the electrician in troubleshooting, several methods are used. Regardless of the method used, all numbering systems use the same principles. An electrician who learns this method of numbering a schematic will have little difficulty understanding a different method.

Ill. 1 Schematic with components numbered.

Ill. 2 Components have been numbered to correspond with the schematic.

Ill. 3 Wire connections are made by connecting like numbers.


1. Are numbering systems other than the one described in this text used to develop wiring diagrams from schematic diagrams?

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