Parts and Inventory Control for ConAgra Grocery Products via Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)


The focus of this project is to develop a simple parts/supplies inventory database, also known as computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). My employer, a ConAgra industrial food-products manufacturing facility, uses an application program (called Mainsaver) to control its maintenance parts supplies as well as scheduling preventive maintenance work orders. Mainsaver -- which is superficially similar to programs such as ExpressMaintenance and ManagerPlus -- is a sophisticated and complex front-end application that interfaces with ConAgra's Microsoft SQL 6.0 Server back-end database (see Appendix for screen shots of Mainsaver's GUI). I, however, felt it would be interesting to create a much simpler inventory database…one that could be understood and used by anyone. Hence, the schema design of this project will be called EasyMainsaver. To keep this database simple, the client-server architecture of the original Mainsaver is ignored. The entire database will reside on a single computer (i.e., a single database) as an Access mdb file. My skills as a database programmer are limited only to scope of material that I have been exposed to in this class [and a data mining and data warehousing class taken in summer 2001]. Therefore, this project will concentrate on a sound, basic design that works rather than a complex design that fails to deliver. This project has been completed to a level where components of greater functionality, such as preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling and assignment generation, work order generation, POs and receiving, equipment inventory tracking and report generation may be easily added using Access.

Here is a book I highly recommend one read before investing in a CMMS.

CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process by Daryl Mather During the past 20 years, the term CMMS (computerized  maintenance management system) has become synonymous with productivity improvement and control of maintenance management processes CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process
by Daryl Mather "During the past 20 years, the term "CMMS" (computerized maintenance management system) has become synonymous with productivity improvement and control of maintenance management processes..."


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A prevalent system in large corporations for quite some time, Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is now penetrating moderate to small corporations on an international level. These corporations need an efficient method to implement this effective but complicated system. However, most of the texts currently available are written by theorists and involve complex approaches. In CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process, a practitioner-turned-consultant presents his field-proven, practical approach that can dramatically reduce the amount of time and cost needed to implement and maintain CMMS in any corporation.

The book presents a comprehensive template process that can be used in order to implement and maintain CMMS in any business, industry, or facility, thus dramatically reducing the amount of time and the cost needed to implement the process. The text sets up a solid foundation, then moves into the nuts and bolts of the development of the program itself in a smooth, logical format. It provides guidelines for installing quality checkpoints and outlines best practices for common maintenance management functions. The time saved by implementing the procedures and processes outlined here will make the investment in an enterprise level system a safer investment and will guarantee the achievement of benefits that would otherwise be missed.

From Book News, Inc.
Mather, a practitioner-turned-consultant, presents an approach that can reduce the amount of time and cost needed to implement and maintain a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) in any business, industry, or facility. He provides a foundation on maintenance development, different systems, and defining implementation requirements and scope, then delves into specifics of the program, offering guidelines for installing quality checkpoints and outlining practices for common maintenance management functions.Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Amazon Reviews:

Anyone considering the purchase of a CMMS system should read this text so that they know how to thoroughly research, evaluate and weigh the various features available on the CMMS market today. From the small companies to the large, this text will help you better understand what your requirements are for a CMMS system that meets YOUR needs. A CMMS system is a large investment in time and resources and should be well thought out - this book is a MUST first step in that process.

I was impressed at the practicality in the manner the book was written and the fact that it was not biased towards any one product or system. The book was obviously written by a "practitioner" not an academic or a software developer. This book is a blueprint for those that want to be proactive about their CMMS purchase and ensure that the returns will be realized rather than theorized!"

This book will become a de facto industry standard for CMMS

This book is invaluable for anyone planning a new CMMS/EAM implementation or seeking to get more productivity out of their existing system.

Many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on CMMS/EAM software and fail to get any meaningful return on investment. Often, they fail to fit the software to the maintenance process or they had a flawed maintenance process to begin with. CMMS laid over poor processes, simply expose them quicker.

This book provides a reality check and can be used to ensure a healthy ROI for your CMMS project!

Do not buy a CMMS without reading this book!

Some sample screen captures from the fully-functional, Access-based computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) designed and developed for this project:

These are the user-interface forms:

input order point data here enter details for individual parts (stock items) here
input vendor details via this interface

This a query result output:

a query for newly arriving parts in early 2001

This image shows referential relationsips between entities:

referential relationsips between entities

There is an accompanying Microsoft Access mdb file that supplements this project document. This mdb file can be downloaded from the Web at the following URL:

Access-based CMMS


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