Guide to Maintenance and Repair of Major Process Equipment/Machinery -- Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Part I: Installation and Repair of Major Process Equipment

1. Installation, Maintenance, and Repair of Horizontal Pumps

2. Installation, Maintenance, and Repair of Vertical Pumps

3. Reciprocating and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

4. Positive Displacement and Dynamic Blowers

5. Reciprocating Gas Engines and Compressors

Part II: Maintenance for Power Generation and Transmission

6. Power Transmission Gears

7. Installation and Maintenance of V-Belt Drives

8. Steam Turbines and Turboexpanders

9. Gas Turbines

10. Maintenance of Hydraulic Governors Disassembly

11. Maintenance of Electric Motors and Associated Apparatus

Part III: General Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

12. Storage Protection and Lubrication Management

13. Vibration and Condition Monitoring

14. Maintainability Considerations

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