Welding Projects

Welding projects are very popular for the fact that they are not very time consuming, and are very economical. Do-it-yourself project kits are marketed by a lot of companies, like Lincoln Electric Company, Zena Inc. MIG welding, flux-cored welding, TIG welding, stick welding, plasma cutting and fume extraction packages are available from Lincoln Electric Company. You can select a package as configured or use the information as a starting point to create a package tailored to your specific welding needs.

Zena, Inc. offers several types of kits to suit your specific needs. Some of the other companies that offer such project kits are HowToPlan.com, CAD Plans Corporation, and HomeExpo.com. The spare parts of these welding tool kits are available separately. Trailer repairs, wind chimes, tabletop grill plant stands, tin can votives, candle stands, outdoor ceiling fan stands, snowman cutouts, outdoor fireplaces, and sawhorses are projects given through video clippings. Also provided are pictures and video clips that explain how to use an ARC welder, circular saw, hand grinder, reciprocating saw, bench top grinder, cut off saw, belt sander, bench top vice, orbital sander, scroll bender saw, drill press, tap of drill set, drill, and vise.

The mobile welding equipment fits into trucks, emergency vehicles, forklifts, construction equipment, water craft, lawn tractors, and lawn mowers, transforming them into self-contained mobile welders. They have performance and operating features that are equal to or exceed heavy and expensive transportable engine-driven industrial welders.

The Zena welding system is also available as part of the smallest, lightest, freestanding, commercial duty engine driven DC welder on the planet - the 65lb ZENA Backpack welder. Modern Yankee Blacksmith, Inc. undertakes onsite fabrication and repair work on the projects and they take up the customized welding projects. Skills USA is a national nonprofit organization that's helpful for students' welding projects. Illinois Central College also offers advice to welding course projects of students in their website. The instructions that need to be followed while doing these projects are also clearly noted in their technical brochures. This makes it even easier to do these welding projects.

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