Shock and Vibration Testing: Mechanical Shakers

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Mechanical shakers often use a motor with an eccentric (cam) on the shaft to generate vibration. The images below shows the mechanisms of mechanical shakers built by M/RAD corporation.

Mechanical shakers may be specially designed to offer specific dynamical motions. Here are some examples:

Vertical Mech. Shaker Vertical Motion -- this vertical-motion shaker from M/RAD is a two-shaft machine with eccentric weights usually calibrated in inches. A vernier scale with 1/32 increments is provided with these models. Some shakers are provided with a scale clearly notated in 10 degree increments. The shaker is provided with self-aligning spherical roller bearings, coil spring isolation and friction dampers to prevent large table specimen excursions during start and stop operation.


Elliptical Motion -- this elliptical shaker from M/RAD is a single-shaft machine which generates motion in the vertical and horizontal directions to provide a simultaneous two-axes vibration. For applications which may require more than single direction vibration, this shaker is an inexpensive alternative for production line environmental stress screening (ESS). This shaker features a heavy-steel gauge welded base, variable speed drive adjustable between 15-60 Hz and a coil spring isolation system. A special foundation is not required so that any solid floor is suitable for machine operation.


According to mechanical-shaker experts M/RAD, here are specs and cost estimates for shakers and shaker systems:

Force Ratings: 2,000 – 100,000 lbs
Motions: Elliptical, Vertical, Horizontal
Displacement: 0 – 1 inch peak-peak
Acceleration: 0 – 10g
Frequency Range: 4 – 60 Hz
Suspension: Coil Spring or Pneumatic Isolator
Price Range: $6,000 - $150,000

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