Applications That Use 3-15 psi

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One might be acquainted with the temperature-control systems in large buildings such as the classrooms in a school. Many of these control systems use pneumatic control (3-15 psi) to control the opening and closing of water valves and dampers, which control the temperature and air flow to each room. If the building was built in the 1960s through the 1980s it may still use this type of control. Newer control systems may use a combination of the electrical (4-20 mA) with the pneumatic (3-15 psi). If the system uses a combination of controls, it will use pressure-to-current (P/I) converters or transmitters, or current-to-pressure (I/P) converters. These types of control systems are also widely used in process control systems and applications where large valves and actuators are used.

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