Input is Needed for Output (Radio-Electronics #5 WINTER 1983)

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You now have our fifth issue of Special Projects in your hands and you may be thinking that "the Publisher at Radio Electronics is seriously planning to produce this unique magazine on a regular basis." The words between the quotes are actually from a reader's letter and he is absolutely correct! Yes, you can fully expect to see Special Projects on the newsstand regularly during the year 1983.

What we would like to know is: How many issues a year would you be likely to purchase? And, would you be willing to pay for a full-price subscription to insure your receiving every issue published in 1983? These are important questions for you to answer. With your input data we can make very fruitful decisions in 1983 that will bring to many of you scores upon scores of exciting, useful, pleasurable, and educational hours building electronic projects, and from a deca- to a kilo-times that of reliable and entertaining hours of project application So, please, write to me at the address given below stating how many issues of Special Projects you would like to purchase in 1983, and your preference to a full-price (sure-to-get) subscription or taking the chance on finding the magazine on your local newsstand before it is sold out.

But, before you write, thumb through the pages of this issue of Special Projects. Take a look at Glitch Stretcher . This is one of my test bench favorites that adds new life to low-cost or older oscilloscopes. Lock-Out is a novel circuit with countless parlor-game and shop applications, when you must know who or what was first! And, if you constantly use a strobe for studio-like photography at home, check our Flashmeter . If you miss a snap with this gadget, it's only because you left the lens cover on. And, the piece de résistance is Light Sequencer. That project is a must for me this Christmas to effect a very unusual holiday window lighting effect. I have plans of making Santa's sleigh appear to be moving! OK--now you get moving, find your favorites in this issue, and see if we think alike. Let me know your views when you write to me about:

Special Projects!

Julian S. Martin, KA2GUN

Managing Editor

Gernsback Publications, Inc.

Special Projects, Suite 1101

200 Park Avenue South New York, New York 10003

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