A.W. Sperry Instruments Inc. (ad)(R-E, Sept 1981)

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Autoranging on Volts and Ohms Easy reading 3 1/2 digit display CMOS-LSI advanced circuitry Auto-polarity Automatic indication, unit and signs Easy to operate

Economically powered with two "AA" 1.5V batteries

Low battery drain, 300 hours continuous operation

Low battery warning sign Lo Power and Normal Ohm ranges Range hold Buzzer continuity check Zero adjust feather-touch button AC /DC Omega /Omega function selection by feather-touch button

Safety fused

Pocket-size, compact, lightweight, nicely balanced

Shock resistant ABS housing

Reliable, accurate, and rugged

For ordering information contact A.W. Sperry Instruments Inc., 245 Marcus Blvd., Hauppauge, N.Y. 11787, 800-645-5398 Toll-Free (N.Y., Hawaii, Alaska call collect 516-231-7050).

A.W. Sperry Instruments Inc.

The Measurable Advantage.

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