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Learning electronics is no picnic.

At any level it takes work and a few sacrifices.

But with CIE, it's worth it.

Whoever said, "The best things in life are free;' was writing a song, not living a life. Life is not just a bowl of cherries, and we all know it.

You fight for what you get You get what you fight for. If you want a thorough, practical, working knowledge of electronics, come to CIE. You can learn electronics at home by spending just 12 hardworking hours a week, two hours a day. Or, would you rather go bowling? Your success is up to you.

At CIE, you earn your diploma. It is not handed to you simply for putting in hours. But the hours you do put in will be on your schedule, not ours.

You don't have to go to a classroom.

The classroom comes to you.

Why electronics training? Today the world depends on technology. And the "brain" of technology is electronics. Every year, companies the world over are finding new ways to apply the wonders of electronics to control and program manufacturing, processing... even to create new leisure-time products and services. And the more electronics applications there are, the greater the need will be for trained technicians to keep sophisticated equipment finely tuned and operating efficiently. That means career opportunities in the eighties and beyond.

Which CIE training fits you? Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? CIE home study courses are designed for ambitious people at all entry levels. People who may have:

1. No previous electronics knowledge, but do have an interest in it;

2. Some basic knowledge or experience in electronics;

3. In-depth working experience or prior training in electronics.

You can start where you fit and fit where you start, then go on from there to your Diploma, FCC License and career.

Many people can be taught electronics.

There is no mystery to learning electronics. At CIE you simply start with what you know and build on it to develop the knowledge and techniques that make you a specialist. Thousands of CIE graduates have learned to master the simple principles of electronics and operate or maintain even the most sophisticated electronics equipment.

CIE specializes exclusively in electronics.

Why CIE? CIE is the largest independent home study school that specializes exclusively in electronics.

Nothing else. CIE has the electronics course that's right for you.

Learning electronics is a lot more than memorizing a laundry list of facts about circuits and transistors.

Electronics is interesting! It is based on recent developments in the industry.

It's built on ideas. So, look for a program that starts with ideas and builds on them. Look to CIE. Programmed learning.

That's exactly what happens with CIE's Auto-Programmed Lessons.

Each lesson uses famous "programmed learning" methods to teach you important principles. You explore them, master them completely, before you start to apply them. You thoroughly understand each step before you go on to the next. You learn at your own pace.

And, beyond theory, some courses come fully equipped with electronics gear (the things you see in technical magazines) to actually let you perform hundreds of checking, testing, and analyzing projects.

Experienced specialists work closely with you.

Even though you study at home, you are not alone! Each time you return a completed lesson, you can be sure it will be reviewed, graded and returned with appropriate instructional help. When you need additional individual help, you get it fast and in writing from the faculty technical specialist best qualified to answer your question in terms you can understand.

CIE prepares you for your FCC License.

For some jobs in electronics, you must have a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) License. For others, some employers tend to consider your license a mark in your favor. Either way, your license is government-certified proof of your knowledge and skills. It sets you apart from the crowd.

More than half of CIE's courses prepare you to pass the government-administered exam. In continuing surveys, nearly 4 out of 5 graduates who take the exam get their licenses! You can be among the winners.

Associate Degree Now, CIE offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. In fact, all or most of every CIE Career Course is directly creditable towards the Associate Degree.

Today is the day. Send now.

Fill in and return the postage-free card attached. If some other ambitious person has removed it, cut out and mail the coupon. You'll get a FREE school catalog plus complete information on independent home study. For your convenience, we'll try to have a CIE representative contact you to answer any questions you may have.

Mail the card or the coupon or write CIE (mentioning name and date of this magazine) at: 1776 East 17th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.

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CIE Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Inc.

1776 East 17th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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