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Light-torque rotary switches make the LM-3.5A DMM as easy to operate as it is to carry.

-------On a benchtop or a belt, over a shoulder or in a tool kit, the LM 3 5A DMM, and its LCD counterpart, the LM-350, are ready to go when you are.

Convenience. That's the key to Non-Linear Systems' best-selling LM-3.5A. A high-performance, competitively-priced, all-purpose mini DMM. Convenience from light-torque rotary switches.

So operation's a cinch. Convenience from bold, bright LEDs. For instant, accurate, numeric answers. Unlike some competitive meters, the LM-3.5A features both vertical and horizontal readings. And an optional leather carrying case with belt loops and shoulder strap assures hands-free operation.

At 9.2 oz., the LM-3.5A is portability at its best. There's more. The LM-3.5A is a 3 1/2-digit DMM. Features 2,000 counts per range-100% over-ranging.

Result? Increased accuracy and resolution between readings of 999-2,000. It also reduces the amount of range shifting when measuring near 1,000. Troubleshooters swear by it. Repairmen find the LM-3.5A works wonders on tv’s, business machines, even cameras. Checks all quiescent AC and DC voltage values. Spots current drains.

Measures the resistance of suspect components. Quickly and precisely.

Other DMMs to match your needs.

The LM-3.5A is just one in a full series of 3 to 4-digit DMMs. If you need LCD convenience for measurements outdoors, we market the LM-350, among others. You don't pay for true RMS capabilities you don't need. But if you do need true RMS readings, Non-Linear Systems can oblige.

------- Operator convenience is the key to our line of frequency and temperature meters, too. Pictured left to right, SC-5 prescaler, FM-7 frequency meter, LED format LT-3 digital temp meter, and its LCD cousin, the LT-31. Top, the MLB-1 digital logic probe.

FM-7. The bantam frequency meter.

Portability teams with performance in the FM-7. The smallest, 7digit, 60MHz,battery or AC line-operated instrument available.

Hobbyists, radio and tv studios, phone companies and the military all depend on the versatile FM-7. Whether the job calls for calibrating fixed, variable frequency or voltage-controlled oscillators, checking flowmeters, high-speed photocell counters, or setting the IF or heterodyne frequency in communications equipment, the FM-7 is a standout performer.

SC-5 Prescaler. Top range booster.

This 512-MHz, battery or AC line-operated prescaler was developed to extend the frequency range of the FM-7 from 60 to 512 MHz. Adapts to most other frequency meters, too.

LM-3.5A at a glance.

---------DC Volts AC Volts Kilohms AC/DC Current Polarity Selection Readout Size Weight Power Price 1 to 1,000, 4 ranges 1 to 750, 4 ranges 1 to 10000, 5 ranges 1 mA to IA, 4 ranges Automatic

0.3" Red LED 1.9" H x 2.7" W x 4.0" D 9.2 oz (batteries installed)

3 type AA rechargeable Nicad batteries and charger 5165.85


LT-3 Digital Temp Meter


0.1° resolution and high accuracy, the 3 ½-digit, 2,000 count full scale

LT-3 is indispensable for home or industry.

Checks everything from thermostats to appliances. Even monitors critical operations like photo-processing and electroplating.

The LT-3 can be supplied with any of eight thermistor and RTD temp sensors to read ranges of 0100 °C, 32-199.9°F, or 0-199°C or E. Work outdoors? Then the LT-31 (LCD format) is the ticket.

Get the word on us. We offer a full lineup of convenient, competitively-priced products. From DMMs, frequency and temp meters to mini-scopes and DPMs.

For further technical information or the names of your nearest distributors, contact Non-Linear Systems Inc., 533 Stevens Ave., Solana Beach, CA 92705. Telephone (714) 755-1134.

TWX 910-322-1132.

Non-Linear Systems, Inc.

Specialists in the science of staying ahead.

1981 Non-Linear Systems, Inc.

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