NRI Schools (ad) (R-E, Sept 1981)

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This man is looking for AH ELECTRONIC BREAKTHOUGH. Join him in the incredible world of electronics with NRI's all-new training in the career of the future... Electronic Design Technology.

It's an electronic world we live in. And the designers of electronic circuits, controls, and systems are the people who are shaping it. Take your place in this exclusive company with this exciting new training from NRI. You can learn Electronic Design technology at home, in your spare time. Without quitting your job, tying up your evenings at night school, or wasting gas traveling to classes. Because NRI comes to you, makes you a class of one with a complete, effective, low-cost learning program designed exclusively for home study. You get it all... at your convenience.

Hands-On Training NRI trains you for action.

You get real-life experience that builds priceless confidence, gives you working knowledge of lab practices and techniques.

It's all built into the NRI Design Lab a complete combination of equipment, hardware, training, and reference materials. You'll design your own circuits from the very beginning, progressing from basic passive networks through key circuits like power supplies, amplifiers, oscillators, digital and logic circuits, phase-locked loops and more. You'll move on to linear and digital integrated circuits, the heart of modern electronic equipment.

You'll prototype your designs and verify operation, learning professional test and measurement procedures as you progress.

Professional Equipment Included

All the way, you work with professional-quality instruments like the Beckman 6-function, 26-range LCD digital multimeter. It gives you fast, accurate measurements of voltages, currents, and resistances, even forward voltage drops across in-circuit diodes and transistors.

--------Training includes NR! Design Lab, Beckman digital multimeter, Texas Instruments scientific calculator that you use and keep.

You'll breadboard your designs on the unique NRI Circuit Designer. It features built-in multiple power supplies, variable signal generator, logic switches and LED indicators. It handles almost any circuit you can design...linear and digital integrated circuits as well as discrete components such as transistors and diodes.

Analysis and design work is speeded with the Texas Instruments TI-30 scientific calculator. This engineer's instrument includes full trigonometric functions, logarithms, square root, squares, powers, memory, and more. All this fine equipment is part of your training, yours to keep and use in your work.

NRI Fast-Track Training

This is the unique NRI lesson concept that simplifies and speeds learning. From the very basics to advanced, state-of-the-art electronics, each lesson is especially prepared for individualized instruction.

Each subject is covered fully and thoroughly, but extraneous material is eliminated, language is clear and to the point, organization is logical and effective. From Fundamentals of Electronic Circuits through Microprocessors, your lessons are designed with you in mind.

No Experience Necessary

You don't have to be an engineer (or even a college student) to succeed. High school graduates with some algebra handle it without any trouble.

We start you at the beginning, let you advance just as quickly as you're ready. We even include the NRI Math Refresher Module to help you brush up on your math and teach you any new concepts you may need.

Free Catalog, No Salesman Will Call Our free, 100-page catalog gives you all the details, including lesson outlines, equipment specifications, and career opportunities. Send for it today and find the breakthrough for your future. If card has been removed, please write to us.

NRI We'll give you tomorrow.

NRI SCHOOLS-- McGraw-Hill Continuing Education Center

3939 Wisconsin Ave.

Washington, DC 20016 USA

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