Designing Switching-Mode Power Supplies

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I -- Topologies

1. Basic Topologies [part 1, part 2]

2. Push-Pull and Forward Converter Topologies [part 1, part 2, part 3]

3. Half- and Full-Bridge Converter Topologies

4. Flyback Converter Topologies

5. Current-Mode and Current-Fed Topologies

6. Miscellaneous Topologies

II -- Magnetics and Circuit Design

7. Transformers and Magnetic Design

8. Bipolar Power Transistor Base Drive Circuits

9. MOSFET and IGBT Power Transistors and Gate Drive Requirements

10. Magnetic-Amplifier Post-regulators

11. Analysis of Turn "On" and Turn "Off" Switching Losses and the Design of Load-Line Shaping Snubber Circuits

12. Feedback Loop Stabilization

13. Resonant Converters

III -- Waveforms

14. Typical Waveforms for Switching Power Supplies

IV -- More Recent Applications for Switching Power Supply Techniques

15. Power Factor and Power Factor Correction

16. Electronic Ballasts: High-Frequency Power Regulators for Fluorescent Lamps

17. Low-Input-Voltage Regulators for Laptop Computers and Portable Electronics

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