Industrial Power Transformers-- Transformer construction (part 12)

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Typical designs (cont.)

FIG. 129 Two views of the core and windings of a three-phase 90 MVA, 132/33 kV, 50 Hz transformer connected star-delta and fitted with a +10 percent to -20 percent tappings on 18 steps of 1.67 percent at the neutral end of the HV winding (ABB Power T&D Ltd)

FIG. 130 Core and windings of a 250 MVA, 400/121 kV power transformer manufactured for the Czechoslovakian Supply Authorities being fitted to its special Schnabel tank base (Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers Ltd)

FIG. 131 A 500 MVA transformer linking the National Grid Companies' 400 and 275 kV Supergrid Systems (Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers Ltd)

FIG. 132 Site installation of a 40 MVA, 275 kV, 50 Hz, three phase, step-down transformer on the UK grid system (ABB Power T&D Ltd)

FIG. 133 Site installation of a 90 MVA, 132/33 kV, 50 Hz, three phase transformer showing separate cooler bank (ABB Power T&D Ltd)

FIG. 134 Single-phase 267 MVA, 23.5/249 kV, 50 Hz generator transformer type ODAF. Three such units form an 800 MVA, 23.5/432 kV bank. The interposing SF6 chamber, fitted for test purposes, can be seen on the HV side (Peebles Transformers)

FIG. 135 Single-phase 239 MVA, 21.5/231 kV, 50 Hz generator transformer. Three such units form a 717 MVA, 21.5/400 kV three phase bank (Peebles Transformers)

FIG. 136 Core and windings of a 340 MVA, 18/420 kV, 50 Hz three-phase transformer, type ODWF (Peebles Transformers)

FIG. 137 Core and windings of a 776 MVA, 23.5/285 kV three phase generator transformer, type ODWF (Peebles Transformers)

FIG. 138 External view of the 776 MVA, 23.5/285 KVA three phase transformer shown in FIG. 137 (Peebles Transformers)

FIG. 139 600 MVA, 515/230 kV, 50 Hz three-phase autotransformer, type ONAN/ODAF (Peebles Transformers)

FIG. 140 130 MVA, 132/10.5 kV generator transformer for Connaught Bridge PS, Malaysia. The on-load tapping leads were brought up one end of the unit and over a weir to enable the tapchanger to be removed for maintenance without draining oil from the main tank (Peebles Transformers)

FIG. 141 331 MVA, 15.5/430 kV generator transformer for Keadby Power Station viewed along the LV side showing the on-load tapping leads (Peebles Transformers)

FIG. 142 Core and windings of a 760 MVA, 275 kV quadrature booster showing the shunt unit on the left and the series unit on the right. On this size of QB both assemblies are housed in a common tank (see also Fig. 7.17 (Peebles Transformers))

FIG. 143(a) 1496 kVA, 25 kV, single-phase (Electric Multiple Unit) transformer for the former British Rail Class 319 unit. These transformers are slung horizontally under the driving carriage of an MU coach. The photo shows both HV (at top) and LV (at bottom) leads (Areva T&D)

FIG. 143(b) 7843 kVA, 25 kV, single-phase locomotive transformer for the former British Rail Class 91 locomotive. This transformer has 4 primaries, 4 secondaries and 5 tertiaries, and would sit upright in the locomotive (Areva T&D)

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